ice cream truck, the front of a business that sold drugs in California

Children’s music, ice cream and children, served to hide a business that actually distributed marijuana and methamphetamine in the streets of the city of Long Beach, in southern California, according to the Police.

This farce was discovered last Sunday, when anti-narcotics detectives from the Long Beach Police stopped the vehicle covered with images of ice cream and popsicles.

Inside they found a gun and an unspecified amount of narcotics, which would have sold for up to $4,000. They also found a scale and small plastic bags, in which they delivered the drug to their customers.

Authorities arrested two suspects: George Williams, 57, who is charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale; and Monti Ware, 41, who is accused of selling drugs, carrying a firearm and having it with him even though he has a criminal record.

Both are still detained in the municipal jail. Ware was given $ 50,000 bail and Williams $ 30,000 bail.

The arrests were made shortly after 4:00 pm in the 3200 block east of the Artesia Boulevard.

No details have been disclosed about how the detectives found out about this illicit business. Nor was it indicated since when he operated in Long Beach, nor how many customers bought them.

Although the recreational use of marijuana is legal in California since January 1, a permit granted by the municipalities is required to sell it. For now, most of the business has been granted to herb dispensaries for medicinal use, which had already met a series of requirements established by local governments. Several cities still do not allow these businesses.

The Long Beach Police did not say who owns the ice cream truck, on whose doors and top it has logos of the clothing brand 4 Hunnid. There were boxes with that symbol behind the case.

Valley Post Express called the phone number that appears on the vehicle and a pre-recorded message thanks for having contacted “One Stop Supreme”.

“What’s wrong?” Greets the voice of a man who asks to leave “a great message” because they are not available to answer the call. “Have a ‘supreme’ day,” he concludes.

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