Amazon Pulls Several Doormats, Bath Mats Imprinted With Quran’s Verses From Its E-Marketplace

Amazon pulls several doormats, bath mats imprinted with Quran’s verses from its e-marketplace. The things were first hailed to the online retailer by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group .

CAIR said it got grievances about the things from individuals from the network, driving the group to caution Amazon. In a news released last week, the group said that the items are hostile to Muslims in light of the fact that the sacred writing and other Islamic references ‘would be stepped-on or otherwise disrespected by customers’.

Amazon said in a statement on Tuesday, “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines, and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are being removed from our store.”

Amazon started evacuating the things not long after CAIR enlisted the complaints. CAIR is proceeding to send hostile item postings to Amazon, as indicated by representative Ibrahim Hooper, who said that Amazon has been quick and considerate in its reaction and that it keeps on auditting its postings for comparative items.

The things being referred to are engraved with Islamic calligraphy, incorporate references to the prophet Muhammad and stanzas from Islam’s holy book. Another thing that CAIR as of late hailed was a latrine situate cover portraying Islamic workmanship from the Al Hambra royal residence, an UNESCO world legacy site in Spain.

Hooper said, “It should be offensive to anyone that a religious text would be on a mat that goes in a bathroom or is on a toilet seat. If it was a Bible or an in image of a Bible on the toilet we would object in the same way to that.”


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