Braille Launches E-Reader For Blind People This Year Enhancing Their Reading Experience

Braille launches e-reader for blind people this year enhancing their reading experience and spare them from lugging around strong print volumes. Since it was produced by Louis Braille in the nineteenth Century, the letter set of raised dabs has conveyed the delight of perusing to a great many visually impaired and incompletely located individuals.

British firm Bristol Braille Technology would like to change this with Canute 360, their new ‘Encourage for the visually impaired’ which it says is the world’s first multi-line Braille tablet, showing nine lines of content at once, or about 33% of a page of customary print.

Any content that has been converted into Braille arrangement can be downloaded into the Canute, possibly putting an interminable supply of perusing material at the client’s fingertips. The extent of visually impaired individuals who can peruse Braille lettering, framed of one to six spots in a scope of mixes, has fallen, mostly because of advances in sound depiction technology.

In any case, Bristol Braille says figuring out how to peruse it can altogether help education and numeracy rates among the visually impaired. The last model of Canute will enter large scale manufacturing this year, evaluated like a top of the line workstation.

Senior product developer for Braille at the Royal National Institute of Blind People, Claire Maxwell said, “Innovations in the field of Braille technology make this a very exciting time for Braille readers.”

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