Trump Administration Advances To Pull Funding For California Bullet Train

Amidst a social media dispute between President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the federal government declared its purpose to scrap almost $1 billion in unsettled funding for the state’s long programmed high speed train.

In a letter to California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Brian P. Kelly the U.S. Department of Transportation defined the government’s rationale for withdrawing funding.

The state has not devised with its own pledged funding, will slip a 2022 completion target and has lately reconstructed the project exterior to the limits of a federal pact for funding.

The federal department will de commit $928,620,000 in pledged cash but California will be provided an opportunity to debate its case, Batory said in the letter.  He also said that Trump administration is traversing all obtainable legitimate options to recapture $2.5 billion in earlier federal permits for the project.

Newsom last week declared plans to cut down the $77 billion project. Instead of taking travelers between Los Angeles and San Francisco as initially visualized the train will now solicit to bridge the Central Valley cities of Bakersfield and Merced.

Construction of 160 miles is in progress. Trump proceeded to Newsom’s declaration that California has been coerced to scrap the enormous bullet train project after having squandered many billions of dollars. They are indebted to the Federal government three and a half billion dollars. He said that he wants the money back. The entire project is a disaster.


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