Total Screen Time For Children Under 2 Years Old Doubles

Total screen time for children under 2 years old doubles. According to a new study, screen time for kids under 2 has more than doubled. Researchers behind this new review obtained a... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Causes Poor Blood Flow To The Brain And Affects Cognitive Function

Alzheimer’s causes poor blood flow to the brain and affects cognitive function, according to a new study conducted on mouse models. People living with Alzheimer’s disease experience reduction in blood flow to... Read more »

Night Owls Could Face Constant ‘Jet Lag’

Night owls could face constant jet lag. If you are one of those people who sleeps late at night and wakes up equally late, then this article will help you to know... Read more »

Health Officials Warn About Hepatitis A Outbreak In Jackson County

Health officials warn about Hepatitis A outbreak in Jackson County. The Alabama Department of Public Health Wednesday announced that Hepatitis A cases are increasing in Jackson County and it is investing the... Read more »

Marital Status’ Changes Affect Physical Fitness

Marital status’ changes affect physical fitness. The researchers have found a link between relationship status and levels of physical activity in men and women. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that around... Read more »

How 6 Months of Aerobic Exercise Inverse Cognitive Impairment?

How 6 months of aerobic exercise inverse cognitive impairment? According to new research, following a particular type of exercise for half year reverse symptoms of this condition in older adults. Mild cognitive... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Therapy Future: Which Would Be The Best Approach?

Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia has affected millions of people worldwide. At this time, there is no cure for this disease, but researchers are working on clinical trials of... Read more »

2019 McLaren 720S Spider: Full Specs, Design, Tech, Cost

2019 McLaren 720S Spider is coming with a few specific changes and some improvements compared to the previous650S Spider McLaren is now launching the 720S Spider, the next version of the “lower-tier” Super... Read more »

A Chinese scientist says that he has genetically modified babies for the first time

A Chinese researcher claims to have modified the DNA of twins  born this November, reveals in an exclusive material the Associated Press.  The scientist, named He Jiankui, claims to have altered the embryos of several couples... Read more »

Pauline Baly, Model and Influencer 

Although she is just 24 years old, having been born in the north of France on March 22, 1994, Pauline Baly is not only a gorgeous model and actress, but she also... Read more »