Samsung Avails Bixby Key Customisation To All Previous-Gen Android Pie Devices

Samsung avails Bixby key customisation to all previous-gen Android Pie devices. Samsung Galaxy S10 unveiled the function to customise the Bixby devoted key that has been a steady as far back as the launch... Read more »

Xiaomi’s Mi 9 Launched With Triple Rear Camera, Game Turbo Technology In Beijing

Xiaomi’s Mi 9 launched with triple rear camera, Game Turbo technology in Beijing. Xiaomi likewise brought the Mi 9 Transparent Edition and Mi 9 SE models, however no notice of the foreseen... Read more »

Total Screen Time For Children Under 2 Years Old Doubles

Total screen time for children under 2 years old doubles. According to a new study, screen time for kids under 2 has more than doubled. Researchers behind this new review obtained a... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Causes Poor Blood Flow To The Brain And Affects Cognitive Function

Alzheimer’s causes poor blood flow to the brain and affects cognitive function, according to a new study conducted on mouse models. People living with Alzheimer’s disease experience reduction in blood flow to... Read more »

Night Owls Could Face Constant ‘Jet Lag’

Night owls could face constant jet lag. If you are one of those people who sleeps late at night and wakes up equally late, then this article will help you to know... Read more »

Soundcore Launches New Liberty Air Wireless Earphones With 20-Hour Battery Life

Soundcore launches new Liberty Air wireless earphones with 20-hour battery life. These earbuds are accessible in India solely by means of Amazon, and guarantee to offer 20 hours of combined recess. The... Read more »

New Nike Adapt Smart Sneaker Unveiled With Self-Tightening, Data-Tracking Capability

New Nike Adapt smart sneaker unveiled with self-tightening, data-tracking capability. At an event Tuesday called the ‘Eventual fate of Footwear,’ Nike divulged new shoe concept, called Nike Adapt, that tracks execution progressively,... Read more »

Braille Launches E-Reader For Blind People This Year Enhancing Their Reading Experience

Braille launches e-reader for blind people this year enhancing their reading experience and spare them from lugging around strong print volumes. Since it was produced by Louis Braille in the nineteenth Century, the... Read more »

Amazon Offers Up To Rs. 1,000 Cashback On Above Rs. 5,000 Amazon Pay Cash

Amazon offers up to Rs. 1,000 cashback on above Rs. 5,000 Amazon Pay cash, and a return of Rs. 50 on Amazon Pay cash load worth Rs. 100 in the wake of settling on the cash-on-delivery... Read more »

Xiaomi 11 Declares Development Process Of ‘New And Unique’ MIUI 11 OS

Xiaomi 11 declares development process of ‘new and unique’ MIUI 11 OS. MyDrivers reports that Ming commenced the MIUI 11 improvement at the event. This implies MIUI 11 will presently enter the research... Read more »